My Children’s Story!!!

For Christmas 2014, Matt and I worked hard to give gifts that were simple, thoughtful, few, and aligned with loving others.  This resulted in quite a few handmade gifts and only one toy per Olson Tiny!

I had hoped to write a book for the Tinies.  I wanted to capture some of the concepts that we are constantly trying to instill into them in a children’s book format so that reading it would reinforce the truths they hear from Matt and me.  My goal was to include concepts like community, teamwork, personal value, generosity, courage, trusting yourself, and people’s ability to change to name a few.  It was a lofty goal!

Plus, how do you write a children’s book???  How do you choose the characters and setting and make it cohesive and sensible?  I didn’t know.  So their book didn’t get done in time for Christmas.

While out shopping, I discovered a sheet of forest animal stickers on clearance.  I thought, “Ooo, these are characters I can work with!”  If I limited myself to only sticker illustrations… and used only characters from the clearance sticker sheet… and supplemented with stickers I already have at home, I had enough parameters that the project seemed doable.

I pondered this book over several months, but the actual results came together in a weekend because I was finally ready to download my brain into a tangible form!  I love the result, my kids love the result, and I hope you will too!  I have copyrighted the book, but please feel free to read it to your kids (or your friends, or your pets, or whomever :)).

All components of this book are copyrighted in 2015 by Jaime Olson.  Except as provided by the Copyright Act 2014, no part of this publication may be reproduced, store in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher, Jaime Olson.

2015 Owl and Friends, inside front cover 2015 Owl and Friends, title page

2015 Owl and Friends, page 1 2015 Owl and Friends, page 2

2015 Owl and Friends, page 3 2015 Owl and Friends, page 4

2015 Owl and Friends, page 5 2015 Owl and Friends, page 6

2015 Owl and Friends, page 7 2015 Owl and Friends, page 8

2015 Owl and Friends, page 9 2015 Owl and Friends, page 10

2015 Owl and Friends, page 11 2015 Owl and Friends, last page